New England Patriots 2023 Mock Draft 1.0 - Full Press Coverage


NFL Free Agency has ground to a halt and teams are focused on the upcoming NFL Draft just four weeks away. The New England Patriots have numerous needs and must duplicate their recent successful drafting strategies to position themselves in the playoff race in 2023.

Trying to get inside the mind of Bill Belichick on draft night isn't easy, but churning out a Patriots mock draft that just throws out names from the so-called draft experts is an exercise in stupidity. In New England, any mock draft has to answer the question "WWBBD?" (What Would Bill Belichick Do?). 

Based on free agency moves and 20+ years of history drafting players in New England, here's the first attempt at a mock draft trying to capture the elusive draft strategy of the Patriots' front office:


New England Patriots 2023 Mock Draft 1.0 -