Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Well, it wasn’t pretty. But the Celtics are eight and one since the return of employee number eight. Antoine actually did alright—hit a big three, hit the boards, looked like the low-post player he should have been years ago. The Celtics let the Bobcats stay in the game way too long. They had them buried after one quarter and that second team that had been so instrumental in their win Sunday night came out and laid an egg and allowed the young Bobcats, led by should-have-been number one pick Emeka Okafor, back into the game. The final score was a bit deceiving since it was anyone’s game until the Celtics put it away in the last five minutes.

Great game for Ricky Davis. Davis is one of the huge differences in the Celtics of the previous Antoine era and today. With LaFrentz and Davis, the Celtics have other scorers who can take the heat off of Antoine and Paul Pierce when they have those off-nights. So rather than putting up a six for twenty-three shooting night, they can only put up nine or ten shots and let the hot shooter get a majority of the shots. Another example of the need for quality depth on a team. Unless you’re the Heat and have Shaq and Wade, you need more than two scorers on a team to win consistently.

* * *


Apparently the only place to get New England Patriots news anymore is from MetroWest Daily News reporter, Mike Reiss. Always chock full of information, his Patriots news blog is on the Boston Herald site (they own the Daily News) at . Reiss used to work for the Patriots, for their Patriots Football Weekly magazine (I remember him on the weekly TV show they used to have on Fox Sports Net), and apparently has some good contacts to break team news ahead of just about everyone else.

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Too bad we have to wait for June for the Queer Eye for the Red Sox episode. Kind of a strange coincidence that a bunch of articles about the Red Sox strong faith & Christianity in the clubhouse appears at the same time the Fab Five are hanging out in Fort Myers. Some writers trying to get a rise out of a right-wing nut on the team? Well, the team is diverse enough that I hope no redneck is all offended about the news that (gasp!) homosexuals are associating with the players. My gosh, next we may have those Asians, Dominicans and Negroes around the team and who knows what could happen! (Yes, that is satirical nonsense—just to cover my ass for any one who didn’t get the joking tone. The Sox not signing minorities due to their obviously prejudiced front-office is a long-standing sore point with me—that is the real curse the team faced, not this Bambino nonsense that has finally been put to rest!).

* * *

Celtics against the Raptors, another must-win in that they are so much better than Toronto that it would be a major letdown if they somehow blow the game (Bobcats, Raptors, these team names stink nowadays. Too many worries about marketing and political correctness. Like those bozos in Worcester all offended by team being called the Cyclones. Boo-hoo, your uncle died in a tornado fifty years ago—don’t go to the games if you don’t like it, don’t sit there bawling like an idiot on TV!).

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