Saturday, September 03, 2005


Let the word go forth from this day forward: enough already with the monotonous NFL pre-season games. Sorry for invoking the Baha Men and distorting a JFK quote (likely the only time you see JFK and the Baha Men in the same sentence) but there are just too many pre-season games, too much risk of injury, and no need of four games to evaluate players. Why is it that NFL teams cannot cut down from 80 to 65 after two scrimmages and one preseason game. Then, they play just one more preseason game to get the roster from 65 to 60. Yes, I said 60, not 53. It is time to do away with the practice squad and just give the teams 60 players. While they are at it, they can get rid of these stupid rules that require only 45 players can be active, plus designating a third-string quarterback with stipulations on when he can play. It is rubbish, plain and simple.
Of course, the answers to all of the above questions: money. Charging season ticket-holders full price for two home preseason games generates additional revenue. Also, limiting the number of players on the team reduces the amount of money paid out in contracts. Money, after all, makes the world go around.

* * *



Wednesday night Kevin Millar hits two home runs; Thursday night John Olerud swats out two dingers. Quick, someone order up some steroids tests!

Seriously, sweeping the Tampa Rays is hardy any reason to book the duck boats and call Mayor Tommy Menino to block off the streets for another championship parade. However, it is September and the Red Sox season is winding down to a last days of summer as leaves are already so close to changing and the allure of football on cold, crisp days is in the air late at night when the temperatures drop.

The Sox need to take care of business in September in order to have a chance in October. If Bronson Vedder and Blondie Schilling can keep improving the Sox are in good shape throughout the rotation. As a wise man once said: Momentum is tomorrows starting pitcher.

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USA versus Mexico on Saturday night: Kat, tell Juan I will be talking trash all day Saturday. It is time for the Big Bad USA to ride into Mexico like Teddy Roosevelt and win the North-Central America region with some flair.

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Train cancelled going into work: one hour late. Train delayed going home: 20 minutes late. Listening to a 30 minute conversation about cockatiels, cable channels, balloons, and other aspects of the lives of boring people crammed onto single-decker cars talking much too loudly on the train: the cap on a truly marvelous day on the ever efficient commuter rail.

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