Friday, January 06, 2006


You would think going to the Longhorn chain of Steakhouses in a Texas Longhorns hat, jacket, & t-shirt would garner you a little discount on the bill, or at least a free beer. Alas, the marketing department just does not have that much imagination. Here are some random thoughts bumping around in my head.

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I admit it, with the score 38-26 USC and the kids finally asleep, I shut down the TV and muttered, game over. Imagine my surprise seeing Hazel Mae narrate the highlights of the Vince Young Extravaganza as he ran wild during the final four and a half minutes of the game after I had shut off the television. Easily the second best college football game of the season (no way, no how was anything going to top the USC-Notre Dame game earlier this season), it was, as ESPN Classic would say, an instant classic. Young and on the USC side, LenDale White, upstaged Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart. Young, who really could use another year to prep for the NFL by staying and continuing to work on his passing game, and Leinart both looked great.

With the success of Carson Palmer in the NFL and the ease at which Matt Leinart has showed he is a worthy choice for a team to pick and build around, the Patriots have to feel great with Matt Cassel on the roster knowing he was a coin-flip away from taking the starting QB position away from either of them while at USC. The Patriots have Cassel in the perfect position anyway, letting him practice with Flutie and Brady and learn the offense. Just watching Leinart and Palmer excelling gives hope that the Patriots have a legit backup and valuable potential trade bait.

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Not that anyone in the States really cares, but how sweet is it to see Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur still ahead of Arsenal?

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