Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Cover32: 4 under-the-radar New England Patriots players you need to be watching in camp

Last year undrafted free agent guard Josh Kline was starting and dominating in the running game in the AFC Championship game. Another undrafted free agent (and rookie) cornerback Malcolm Butler came off the bench in the Super Bowl to make a dramatic, game-changing play. A player often overlooked can make a big impact during the season. Here are four "under-the-radar" Patriots you need to watch this summer.

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MusketFire: Three Reasons Why the New England Patriots Will Return to the Super Bowl

Injuries are just one aspect of the game that can derail a season. Suspensions, ineffectiveness, slow learning curves and poor offseason decisions can hurt a team as well. For the Patriots, they have persevered through all of these in the Bill Belichick era and yet seem to constantly be in the hunt for the Super Bowl. Read on for three reasons why the New England Patriots are a favorite to return to the Super Bowl after the 2015 season including the "Gronk Factor" and more.

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