Thursday, September 01, 2005


As those who know me are aware, I usually write the blog on my way home from work on the train, but today I had loaded up some pics of the kids on the laptop and spent the ride laughing at the antics of my little monkeys. Anyway, I get to write while flipping between the Sox and Pats and listening to Hakuna Matada.

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This is an idea I came up with this morning, so bear with me if it truly stinks.

Good news: Shawn Chacon is finally starting to look like his old self.
Bad news: So is the Big Eunich.

Good news: Kevin Millar dyed his hair blond and hit two home runs.
Bad news: Curt Schilling dyes hair and gives up five runs to the Rays in first two innings.

Good news: Sox sweep the Rays.
Bad news: Sox had a 5.50 ERA in the four games.

Good news: Bethel Johnson off the PUP list and playing tonight.
Bad news: Now he has to make the team or else another recent high draft pick is off the team.

Good news: We are now twenty years removed from the most disgraceful game ever in Patriots history: Super Bowl XX.
Bad news: Click on the ad for the Super Bowl Shuffle DVD to see the horror that the Pats should have smacked down and made Buddy Ryan and Jim McMahon into regional footnotes in NFL history.

Good news: Sox game lasted less than 3 hours so I can get to bed early tonight.
Bad news: Pam Anderson Roast on Comedy Central!!!

* * *

All right, now I remember why I do not write late: I am old and get tired too easily these days. Sox win, Yankees lose, and all is right in the little world of the American League East.

* * *


A little Motorhead brought you by Tony Hawk ProSkater3 today, where my wife grinds Hal Dawg into pieces on the half-pipe while Lemmy screams out:

If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man
You win some, lose some, it's all the same to me
The pleasure is to play, it makes no difference what you say
I don't share your greed, the only card I need is
The Ace Of Spades

Well, fortunately for the Sox, the ball was in the win some category last night when the stars definitely did not look like they were aligned for a victory over the pesky Devil Rays.

* * *


Again, much props to Billy Mueller, who as you readers know has long been in my crosshairs as the one standing in the way of the ascension of Kevin Youkilis. Mueller, although the box score will not show it, had two big-time at-bats that put the Sox in position to eventually pull the game out against Rays closer Danys Pass the Pork Chops Baez.

In the fourth, with the Sox down by two with one out and much-maligned Kevin Millar at third, Billy Ballgame lifted a deep sacrifice fly to center to score Millar. A pop-up or infield grounder would not be enough to score the speed-challenged Millar from third, but the long fly was the perfect at-bat for the situation. Mueller knew it as well at the time, as he pumped his fist on his way up the line. A perfect example of what a ballplayer should do with a runner at third and less than two outs. Mueller had on job at the plate: get Millar home.

Later, in the eight inning and now down by two runs with no one out and runners at second and third, Mueller again, although not listed in any box score or on the highlight reel, drove in Damon from third and allowed Nixon to move to third on the play (where he would eventually be singled in) and cut the deficit to one run. By hitting the ball on the ground to the first base side of the infield, Mueller allowed each runner to move up a base. Had he popped out, struck out, or flew out without driving the ball, it is likely that Damon would not have scored from third base.

Those two at-bats should be shown to every kid in Little League today as examples of how the game should be played. There is a word for the kind of player who sacrifices like Mueller did for the team: Professional.

* * *


There is not a lot to say about Curt Schilling and his uneven performance on the mound. Otherwise, be certain to note that Theo and the Triumvirate have a lot of faith in this team to make the playoffs one way or another. September is time for Schilling and Foulke to ready themselves for October and the playoffs. I do not expect to see Schilling start to look good enough to win in October until another two or three start are in the books. Curt from the Car has a lot of pitching to do, not just to stretch himself out to pitch seven innings or so, but to get back where he needs to be mentally as well. He needs time, and fortunately time is still on his side.

* * *



The man is peerless, if only in name rather than ability. The Atlanta Hawks finally had enough and released big money wide receiver and former Buffalo Bills star Peerless Price. For their big money investment, the hawks certainly did not get their moneys worth. I had heard in the past that part of the problem with Price was that with scatter-armed Michael Vick tossing around the pigskin it is no wonder he had such difficulties getting to the football, but while I believe Michael Vick is overrated to the point of reaching Derek look at him go from first to third Jeter status, Price had his best season in Buffalo on the end of passes from Drew Bledsoe, who as we New Englanders are well aware, is far from accurate on any pass that goes beyond eight yards.

Would Price be a fit in New England? I cannot imagine it. Andre Davis is in position to take the job of resident speedster from the injured Bethel Johnson, and David Terrell is still on the squad (for a little while longer) and is likely as good as Price and much cheaper if there is a need on the roster for underachieving wide receiver.

* * *


Not a lot of interest out there on the waiver wire after the first cut-downs. Peerless Price, Peter Warrick (look, a party for washed-out, under-achieving, high first round picks at wide receiver) and Maurice Clarett are garnering attention along with the Patriots three fourth-round picks recently released.

There are some recognizable names, but no one anyone should be clamoring for the two-time defending champions to pick up. The Patriots have enough problems trying to whittle down their squad and there certainly are a number of good players already cut and on the bubble. Chad Hutchinson strike the fancy of anyone? Big Luther Ellis? Patrick Hape? Greg Favors?

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