Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daily Paper - 6/11/2013

by Hal Bent

Remember, the BostonSportPage.com Daily Paper is available here and here -------> 
(cool widget on the page, eh?)

Lots of links to great information there from great writers online for news, opinion, and analysis.

Check out my good friends at MusketFire.com for all things Tim Tebow and the New England Patriots. 

I hope to have my analysis posted there today (hopefully before I meet up with Gallagher at the Central, because God knows what will come out of my fingertips onto the screen afterwards!), but in the meantime there is analysis, opinion, and "entertaining" discussion in the comments from the pro-Tebow camp and the con-Tebow camp. I think "entertaining" is the right term for it. 

Also, I hope to add another chapter to the Training Camp Position Battles in Foxborough, MA this summer at GetRealFootball which has analysis on all 32 teams in the NFL, plus CFL coverage for your real hard-core football fans!

Plus, it's only Tuesday, but since everyone is thinking about Friday and the weekend, I will as well. Friday is when YouGabSports features Hal B's Fantastic Friday Sports Spectacular

Yes, it was an "extravaganza" originally, but I decided to put my Liberal Arts degree to work (hold on while I blow the dust off of it) and use some additional alliteration. 

Also, this is the first time I scheduled a post (rather than blasting it off at 5:45AM when no one would notice), so don't get worked up, I'm still stuck working at work today. ;)

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