Friday, June 20, 2008


I have to admit, it is kind of odd not being in Boston for a victory parade, but being so much closer to home makes life so much easier and remains a trade-off. Not having accumulated the vacation time to take a day off, I had to catch the celebration replay on tv.

In a brief phrase: Not quite the same thing.

In my case, I've found myself re-watching the comeback in Game Four over and again (game 5 still angers me due to the blatant attempt to extend the series by the referees and game six was over in the second quarter). I think that in the future, this series will be defined by the game four comeback. For all the series had going for it as the return to glory, the 24 point comeback in game four on the road by the Celtics is unmatched in NBA Finals history. New England Patriots’ Top 2019 NFL Draft Picks Show Evolution on Both Sides of the Ball

The New England Patriots may have tipped their hand with their first two 2019 NFL Draft picks. Choosing a bigger, more aggressive outside-...