Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have decided to ditch theb Six-Pack blog entry idea (as much as I loved it -- how many different beers do I drink)…some days after work one thought, let alone six thoughts, are just physically and mentally impossible.

* * *

* Check out this trade proposal floated by Chad Ford on

Ray Allen and Robert Swift to the Celtics
Rashard Lewis to the Bobcats
Sebastian Telfair to the Hawks
Adam Morrison, Gerald Green, Josh Childress, Ryan Gomes, Theo Ratliff and a Bobcats protected first-round pick to the Sonics

Holy crap! What a great trade (just substitute Delonte West in there for Gomez). Heck, I forgot Ray Allen was still in the league. The only thing that does not make sense to me is the Hawks giving up Rashard Lewis for Bassy. Huh? You need Isaiah Thomas in charge to make that kind of deal. Everyone knows that Ainge loves Swift, Allen would elevate the game of and inspire Paul Pierce, and they hold onto the Greg Oden/Kevin Durant pick along with Big Al.

So in other words, it makes too much sense to happen.

* * *

Poor (formerly Boston) Sports Guy Bill Simmons: he gets to go to the NBA All-Star game in Las Vegas, and it predictably is the greatest yawn-fest of all-time short of the NHL All-Star game. Reading that article was just torture. Is he the last NBA fan left? Wake me when it is over!

* * *

Fantasy Baseball: Oh joy! Draft time is coming! (Am I a geek to be this jacked about fantasy baseball? Wait, do not answer that.)

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