Saturday, May 24, 2008


How do you label the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics? This team won 66 games during the regular season and sjuddenly got to the playoffs and acted like the team had never played together. Doc Rivers yo-yoed the rotation around with Sam Cassell in and then out, Eddie House out and then in, P.J. Brown in, Glen Davis out, Leon Powe here and there, and anyone's guess when Tony Allen will be around.

Yes, the Celtics have a different bench than the average NBA team. Yes, the team can switch their bench around and have it dictated by match-ups. Yes, they even have Scalabrini hiding at the end of the bench somewhere as well. But there has to be some order so that they actually contribute once in a while.

Here is what I say: go back to Big Baby, Leon Powe, and Tony Allen. Eddie House cannot handle the ball, Sam Cassell hurts more than he helps, and P.J. Brown looks fragile.

One other point: Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett need time on the bench. They did not play 40+ minutes in the regular season so why are they expected to do that in the playoffs? Stick them on the bench and them there for a while.

Boston should be able to steal one in Detroit (No need to panic if they drop game three), and I really believe that this series is totally up in the will go seven, but the winner will likely be whoever is left standing when the four zeros pop up on the scoreborad.

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And I am not even talking about that damned "Spygate" crap!

Brazil's soccer star Kaka is out with a knee injury which required surgery and won't be in New England on June 6th.

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