Thursday, March 30, 2006


Thought I should pass on this link to an interesting article projecting the coming season for Wily Mo Pena: Now I may not be the biggest stat-head, but I do know that with Bill James in the fold, the Red Sox are not going to throw away Bronson Arroyo for next to nothing. Would I have preferred Austin Kearns or Adam Dunn instead of Wily Mo? Two years ago? Yes. Today? Well, is Adam Dunn worth $9 million a year? Will Austin Kearns ever get close his potential that he flashed during his rookie year? I say no and no. So Wily Mo (unless you could wrest away the Ken Griffey Jr. of 2001) is really the only logical choice out of the Cincinnati outfield depth.

* * *

Speaking of websites that everyone should be reading, I would be remiss to mention the post last week by Chad Finn at his Touching All the Bases regarding all things Adam Vinatieri at Chad brings up two great points: 1. The Colts lost the best running back in the AFC yet all anyone can blab about is how horrible the off-season of the Patriots has been; and 2. Paul Edinger. I still think Edinger would be a good fit in New England, but I love the point Chad made about how he kicked last year in Minnesota (and no I will not give it away, you have to click to his site and read it, but I was laughing so hard I fell off the couch. It completely boggles my mind that the Boston Globe has Chad Finn working there and do not have the common sense to throw enough money at him to put his site up at

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