Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Keeping the Big Schill

Well, sanity prevailed. The Red Sox did not throw $13 million guaranteed to their #4 or 5 starter, and the Big Schill kept his legacy intact by staying in the place of his greatest triumph(s). Kudos to Curt Schilling for realizing that the difference from playing for the Boston Red Sox and playing for the Philadelphia Phillies is a horse of a different color. And kudos to the Red Sox front office for covering their rears by only guaranteeing $8 million and making him earn the other five by getting his fat ass in shape and staying healthy.

Curt Schilling is synonymous with the 21st century Boston Red Sox and I am glad he is staying. Unlike a certain team in the Bronx, they did not embarrass themselves by slobbering all over him and begging him to come back like the way they have been handling the Andy Pettite situation.

I'm back, Baby!

Bender old man, you took a fine time to leave the blog running on empty...as Bono once said on the ZOOropa video live in Sydney Australia 1992 (I always stay up to date on my cultural references): off with the masks, on with the show:

The Sox won the World Series.

Jonathan Papelbon is the newest New England regional media-darling -- it will be a brawl between Dunkin Donuts and Honeydew to see who gets him to sell coffee to us all.

Curt Schilling is back for less than $13M per season.

Mike Lowell still may return.

Miguel Cabrera could be on his way to Boston for a king's ransom in young pitching.

Someone in the Bronx Zoo let A-Rod out of his cage. My guess is they find him in Flushing.

Joe Torre screws Grady Little out of a managerial position again!

The Patriots beat the Colts to go to 9-0 despite a +100 yard differential in penalty yards.

Is there anyone left still debating the decision to sign Donte Stallworth and trade for Randy Moss and Wes Welker?

Someone take away my baseball bat if I get within 50 feet of my first two picks in fantasy football: Shawn Alexander and Cedric Benson.

The Celtics are 2-0.

Ray Allen, as I have been telling everyone under the sun, is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man!

Kevin Garnett is better than advertised.

James Posey and Eddie House look like perfect fits for the C's.

The Bruins are actually back to pre-strike level of play: entertaining, scrappy, and falling short in the end. A seven seed and first round loss looks like a distinct possibility!

BC is number...uhh, just call it a freefall.

The Revs are in the Eastern Conference championship again. Sustained brilliance!

Is that it? Am I caught up on everything? OK, time to push ahead into another glorious winter of New England Sports.

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