Friday, February 09, 2007


1. Major Super Bowl Hose Job:

I know, I know, I know. The Colts belong to Peyton Manning. That said, he was most certainly NOT the Super Bowl XVI MVP. Nope, that honor deserved to go to the unheralded, unappreciated, undrafted free-agent running back who rushed for 113 yards and allowed the Colts offense to wear down the Bears vaunted defense. No, not the wildly over-rated first-round pick Joseph Addai, but none other than Dominic Rhodes. Manning, shmanning. This MVP vote was once again nothing but a sham.

Dominic Rhodes: the Super Bowl MVP (sorry, no trip to Disneyland for this award).

* * *


A few highlights from the Super Bowl:
a. My call, seconds before kick-off, of a Devin Hester kick-off return for a touchdown cemented my reputation as a sports know-it-all. And it was sweet to behold!
b. Damn. Still no promotion pit at work (the commercial. You remember? No? Forget it.).
c. I still hate the Irsay family for loading up the Mayflower vans way back in the eighties and heading to Indy. I was hoping to see the ghost Johnny Unitas wrenching and twisting back the injured thumb of Peyton Manning.
d. A severe shortage of commercials involving monkeys. No wonder everyone hated the commercials this year.
e. I did not get a chance to post my final pick before the Super Bowl, but it was Bears 31 Colts 28. I thought Rex had a chance to complete a couple of passes somewhere during the game. Total picks for the playoffs: 7-4.
f. The real game-turning play was when the Bears, already up 7-0 in the first quarter, picked Manning on third down and did nothing with the ball on offense. 14-0 and the Super Bowl would have been over.
g. At least Vinatierri doinked one field goal, made the ill-advised kick to Hester, got juked out of his pants by Hester (I am an athlete, dammit. I ran down Hershel Walker!), and was forced to squib kick the rest of the game like a Division III back-up kicker.
h. I will take Nantz and Simms over Michaels and Madden in the booth any day of the week.
i. That said, CBS needs to blow-up the pre-game show and give Boomer three guys with half a brain between them. Strangely, I do not mind Marino on Inside the NFL on HBO, but he seems strangely muted and uncomfortable on CBS. I think Boomer gets under his skin.
j. Notice how much better the Colts offense was with Dominick Rhodes at running back and Joseph Addai on the bench? I sure did.
k. My mother-in-law had the best line of the whole game, but it had nothing to do with the game, and there is no way in heck I can repeat it in a family-friendly blog.

* * *

3. Injury Bug?

Check out this note from Baseball Prospectus about the Caribbean Series:
In the bottom of the sixth, there was a large conference at the mound to check Tavarez for injury. This followed a rundown play where Miguel Tejada, who’d committed a throwing error that put Gregor Blanco on second, caught Blanco in a rundown on a grounder to short. The injury check comes up badly--Tavarez doesn’t feel comfortable throwing practice pitches and walks off the mound with a noticeable limp. I’m sure the Red Sox brass won’t be happy about this.


* * *


Just how gawd-awful are the Celtics? Is their core of young talent a sham? Will they win if and when Paul Pierce returns? Does Danny Ainge need to blow this team up to win in the future?

Here is how I would reshape the Celtics:

Point Guards: Bassy Telfair & Rajon Rondo
Swingmen: Paul Pierce & Gerald Green
Big Guys: Ryan Gomes, Al Jefferson, & Kendrick Perkins

Trade Bait:
Overload of Shooting Guards: Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West, & Tony Allen
Ultimate Wastes of Space: Brian Scalabrine, Theo Ratliff & the Kandi Man (Michael Olawakandi)
Who-Dats: Leon Powe & Allen Ray

That gives the Celtics seven players to build around (hopefully with Greg Oden or Kevin Durant if the ping-pong balls bounce right) who are half-way decent players (all youngins save for Pierce). The fervent hope is that some decent veteran talent arrives (I added the word decent because Scal & Kandi in no way are decent veteran talent) via trade/salary dump/free agency, etc. The team has some talent, there is no doubt about it, and it needs time to improve; however, with losers like Delonte, Scal, etc eating into playing time for Bassy, Rondo, Green, & Gomes it seems counter to common sense. Danny! Time to swing some deals and clear out the deadwood!

* * *

5. Hockey? In Boston?

Well, I heard some team called the Boston Bruins won two games in a row. Bruins? Hmmm, does not seem to ring a bell.

* * *

6. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Mucho kudos to the Brig-tastic one for jumping in with two footy postings while I sat around reading comic books, I mean while I was so busy I had no time to do anything productive or creative in any way. New England Patriots’ Top 2019 NFL Draft Picks Show Evolution on Both Sides of the Ball

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