Saturday, February 11, 2006


Sorry for the time between posts. Two sick kids keeping you up all night and a busy week at work tends to team-up and beat down the time to write.

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Alex Gonzalez:

The Caribbean World Series found a new star who just happens to be the new shortstop for the Red Sox. Hmm, the last nearly unknown player who emerged as a big game player in the CWS? Some David Ortiz guy. Not that anyone expects Gonzalez to turn into Big Papi, but he has a definite flair for the dramatic. A home run to win the game, and then the game tying single in the next game and then scoring the winning run. Gonzalez, who like Orlando Cabrera feeds off emotion and is spectacular in the field, could join Pokey & the OC as fan favorites at Fenway this year.

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What kind of spring training is this? No Varitek? No Manny? No Timlin? No Papi? No Adam Stern? (OK, scratch that last one). I feel bad for all those spring training folks who made the trip down and see the team with no stars. Of course, the stars would not play much anyway (Yeah, when Hal & Emma are a bit older we will make the trek to Fort Myers. I want to make sure they remember it.)

As far as the WBC, I will definitely watch (just because I am so excited about baseball being back), but I doubt I will get as excited about it as they will in the islands and in Central/South America. This to them is likely an extension of the Caribbean World Series and they are pumped and jacked for these games. We spoiled Americans are used to rooting for our teams and players, so who do you root for when there are Sox players on five teams?

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Wayne Gretzky:
OK, two points to make here: 1. If Gretzky was concerned with only protecting his wife and friend then he is hardly at fault; however, if the Great One is being the Great A—hole and putting his wife out to take the brunt of the blame away from him, he will be losing lot of respect. To try to protect yourself by letting a loved one take the blame is not what it means to be a man. Either way, this is not something you want as part of your legacy.
2. As if hockey did not have enough problems, the possibility of fixed games is too much of a black-eye. The game is really struggling: see the fact the games are on the Outdoor Life Network.

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