Friday, March 13, 2009

Kibbles N Bits N Pieces From My Mind...

Some random notes I've been meaning to put up here for a while...

Patriots Off-season Free Agent & Trade Redux:
CBs: Leigh Bodden & Shawn Springs (Lost: Lewis Sanders) - Result: Huge upgrade of the secondary.
LS: Nathan Hodel (Lost: Lonie Paxton) - Result: Seriously, who cares?
WR: Greg Lewis (Lost: Jabar Gaffney) - Result: Wait and see. If Lewis can be the deep threat that Donte Stallworth was in 07, then all of a sudden there is going to be so much more space for Randy Moss and Wes Welker to operate. This could be the biggest signing of the summer for the Pats (or, it could wash out completely if Lewis is another big dope who can't learn the system).
OLB: Tully Banta-Cain (Lost: Mike Vrabel) - Result: Let the Shawn Crable era begin!!!
RB: Fred Taylor (Lost: Lamont Jordan) - Result: Big step-up in the running game. What I want to see is if Taylor eats into Kevin Faulk's 3rd down carries and screen catches.
TE: Chris Baker (Lost: no one...YET!) - Result: A tight end who can block! Whether he lights the proverbial fire under Big Ben Watson is unknown. Watson will likely be one of those great tools/average production players who could never put it all together. If David Thomas stays healthy, this could be an excellent group of tight ends.


Manny's a cancer? Funny, I thought he was a capricorn. Hmmm. The question is, why did Papelbon wait until now to mention this--someone should have grabbed Manny around the throat, told him he was a cancer, and then got Tito and gone to Theo and the Triumverate. Of course, that probably did happen (Youk maybe?) and that is why Manny joined Pedro and Nomar in the exiles of the "too superstar for you" former Sox.


Jason Taylor or Roy Williams? No thanks, don't need those type of me-first bozos in New England, thank you very much!


Most exciting baseball game I've seen since the 07 playoffs? Nederland vs Dominican Republic. I was a mini-Kirk Gibson with all the fist pump action going on!

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