Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Big Papi Big Pimpin in the Twin Cities

Great article here about former Twins manager Tom Kelly and Big Papi while he was in the Minnesota Twins system. Check it out at: http://www.startribune.com/sports/twins/19269464.html?location_refer=Twins

The best part is the whiney reader comments about unresearched RBI percentages:
His last year with the Twins, 2002, he had 20 HR and 75 RBI, with a poor batting average with RISP, as pretty much the everyday clean-up hitter. A good RBI man that year would have had 100-120 RBI, if he had converted even an average number of scoring chances

That is rich! Umm, sure, that is it. Let's use a statistic that is totally random (Batting Average with Runners in Scoring Position) and talk about it like he has the stats in his back pocket. As far as RBIs as a valid statistical point, I hand it over to the great Nate Silver at Baseball Prospectus:
the foremost problem with the RBI is that different hitters will be faced with different baserunning states with different frequencies.

Sure, David Ortiz is likely upset that he never clicked with a batting coach in Minnesota, and certainly the Twins want home runs and power hitters just as much as any other non-Whitey Herzog managed team. Funny stuff, though.

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